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Fionn Murtagh,

Fionn Murtagh,

University of Derby UK

Petra Perne,

Petra Perne,

Institute of Computer Vision and applied Computer Sciences Germany

Pierre Hansencan,

Pierre Hansencan,

GERAD and HEC Montréal Canada

Jacopo Biancat,

Jacopo Biancat,

Systems & Advanced Technologies Engineering Italy

Burcin Ozturk Demirhanoz,

Burcin Ozturk Demirhanoz,

WesTrac CAT Australia

Hongqin Fan,

Hongqin Fan,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong

Carlo A Trugenberger,

Carlo A Trugenberger,

InfoCodex AG-Semantic Technologies Switzerland

Sophia Tsoka,

Sophia Tsoka,

Kings College London UK

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Data Mining-2022

About Conference

Conference series LTD cordially invitations all participants throughout the globe to wait the twenty fifth International Conference on Data Mining and Analysis (Data Mining-2022) which is going to be held in the course of November 23 -24, 2022 at Dubai, UAE to percentage the expertise. The main subject matter of the conference is “Building the Data Driven Future of Data Mining and Analysis". This convention aimed to amplify its coverage inside the regions of Data Mining and Data Analysis wherein professional talks, younger researcher’s presentations may be positioned in each consultation of the meeting may be stimulated and preserve up your enthusiasm. We experience our professional Organizing Committee is our important asset. However, your presence over the venue will upload one greater feather to the crown of Data Mining-2022.

Data Mining, the extraction of hidden predictive statistics from huge databases, is a powerful new technology with top notch capacity to assist company’s recognition on the most critical statistics of their statistics warehouses. Data Mining-2022 is produced from the following classes with 27 tracks and one hundred sixty sub-sessions designed to provide complete periods that cope with current problems of Data Mining and Analysis. Data mining tools predict destiny trends and behaviors, allowing agencies to make proactive, information-pushed choices. The automated, prospective analyses presented through information mining pass beyond the analyses of past activities provided by retrospective equipment typical of choice help systems. Data mining gear can answer commercial enterprise questions that historically had been too time-ingesting to clear up.

The target audience for the conference:

  • Business Delegates
  • Industrial Experts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Base engineers
  • Scientists/Researchers
  • Professors
  • President/Vice president
  • Chairs/Directors
  • Students
  • Experts and Delegates

Young Researchers Forum - Young Scientist Awards Data Mining-2022

Young Research’s Awards at Data Mining-2022 for the Nomination: Young Researcher Forum - Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation, only 25 presentations acceptable at the Data Mining 2021 young research forum.


  • Young Scientist Award recipients will get a certificate of honor and a keepsake.
  • Our conferences offer the best platform for oral presentations of your research.
  • By networking, you can learn about career development using the most recent technology.
  • By using this forum, young scientists will receive pertinent and current statistics.
  • A platform for young researchers to collaborate for improved progress.
  • Make it possible for studies to collaborate and bring in senior researchers from around the world to the region.
  • Discuss your ideas with your mentors and distinguished researchers.
  • Studying the many research areas is a fantastic opportunity for young researchers to expand their knowledge in the field.

Deadline for Registrations:

Platform for collaboration among young researchers for better development

  • Till November 13 – $699
  • Till November 18 – $799  
  • Till November 23 – $899 

To register, please follow the link:

Note: Please choose the Conference short name as Data Mining-2022, November 23-24, 2022 – Dubai, UAE

Sessions and Tracks

Track 1: Data Integration 

Data integration is a common industry term regarding the requirement to combine statistics from a couple of separate business structures into a single unified view, often called a unmarried view of the truth. This unified view is normally saved in a valuable facts repository referred to as a facts warehouse. For instance, client facts integration includes the extraction of information about each individual consumer from disparate business structures consisting of sales, bills, and marketing, which is then blended right into a unmarried view of the customer for use for customer support, reporting and analysis. Data integration occurs while an expansion of records sources are combined right into a unmarried database, presenting users of that database green access to the facts they need. Collecting large quantities of information might not be tons of a assignment inside the cutting-edge global, however well integrating that data stays hard in some circumstances.

Track 2: Predictive Analysis 

Predictive analytics is the department of the advanced analytics that's used to make predictions about unknown future occasions. Predictive analytics makes use of many strategies from statistics mining, records, modeling, machine studying, and synthetic intelligence to research cutting-edge facts to make predictions approximately destiny. It uses some of statistics mining, predictive modeling and analytical strategies to convey together the management, statistics technology, and modeling enterprise process to make predictions about destiny. The patterns found in historical and transactional statistics may be used to identify risks and possibilities for destiny. Predictive analytics fashions capture dating amongst many factors to assess threat with a selected set of situations to assign a score, or weightage

Track 3: Psychometrics                          

The have a look at of assessing intelligence, attitudes, and personality traits is called psychometrics. The time period "psychometric" refers to the department of biology that assesses expertise personality mind-set intelligence behavior and different otherwise abstract mental qualities. Its meaning is derived from the phrases "psycho" (intellectual) and "metric" (measuring) the tagline of the Psychometric Society says that the Society is devoted to the development of quantitative size practices in psychology, education and the social sciences. This is a very general description of psychometrics; however we emphasize the word quantitative within the previous sentence. Some people take an extra scientific view of psychometrics, emphasizing the administration and application of psychological scales. But scale management is not a selected emphasis of this society.

Track 4: Profiling (Information science)     

This includes the use of algorithms or other mathematical strategies to big datasets that have been accrued in databases with a purpose to find styles or relationships. Profiles can be described as those patterns or correlations which might be utilized to discover or represent people. The concept of profiling in this sense is not pretty much the creation of profiles, other than a discussion of profiling technologies or population profiles it additionally refers to the application of organization profiles to individuals in conditions like credit score scoring price discrimination or the detection of protection dangers. Profile evaluation is a multivariate statistical technique, which is the equal of multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) for repeated measures. This method is extensively used by researchers in training, psychology, and medication for the non-orthogonal decomposition of located rankings into stage and sample consequences.

Track 5: Data Transformation 

Data transformation is the technique of altering the format, corporation, or values of statistics. Data can be modified at factors along the facts pipeline for tasks inclusive of facts analytics. Organizations that use on-premises facts warehouses normally appoint an ETL extract, transform, and cargo technique, with facts transformation appearing as the center stage. The majority of corporations now rent cloud-primarily based facts warehouses, that could scale compute and garage sources with latency measured in seconds or mins Organizations can load raw facts into the statistics warehouse without preload variations way to the cloud platform's scalability after which remodel it the use of the ELT model at query time

Track 6: Cluster Analysis 

The use of cluster evaluation lets in researchers to categories associated observations into distinct corporations based totally on the determined values of various factors for anybody. Discriminant analysis and cluster analysis have a comparable idea. In the latter, the group club of a pattern of observations is understood in advance, whereas in the former, it's far unknown for any statement. Cluster evaluation is a class technique that organizations units of gadgets with comparable characteristics into clusters (corporations). It is a statistical approach where information, points, and objects with similar traits are subdivided into clusters. The gadgets subdivided only share similar traits but aren't same in nature. Although cluster analysis or clustering is popularly used in information, it's far being used in distinctive fields in the modern-day. Investors sometimes use cluster evaluation to institution belongings or funding devices into a portfolio.

Track 7: Data Warehouse 

A records warehouse is a part of computing systems this is vital to many businesses. They are in most cases employed in records analysis. An information warehouse compiles records electronically from diverse assets into an unmarried, comprehensive database. Companies may, as an instance, assemble all of their income statistics right into an unmarried database, which includes sales made online; in-store coins register income and agency-to-agency orders. For this goal, statistics warehouses are designed. In order to assist decision-making control processes and corporate intelligence, information warehouses are collections of non-updatable time-version, integrated, and situation-oriented facts. Data warehousing is at ease digital storage of statistics by means of a enterprise or different company. The aim of facts warehousing is to create a trove of historical data that may be retrieved and analyzed to provide beneficial insight into the company's operations.

Track 8: Data Visualization 

Data visualization is the exercise of translating records into a visual context, which includes a map or graph, to make information less complicated for the human brain to recognize and pull insights from. The main intention of data visualization is to make it easier to discover patterns, tendencies and outliers in large records sets. The term is regularly used interchangeably with others, including facts portraits, information visualization and statistical pictures. Information and information are graphically represented in records visualization. Data visualization gear offers a easy technique to identify and realize traits outliers, and patterns in information by way of utilizing visual components like charts, graphs, and maps. To analyze widespread volumes of facts and make facts-driven decisions inside the global of big statistics, information visualization equipment and technologies are important. 

Track 9: Web Mining 

The system of the use of statistics mining strategies and algorithms to extract facts from the web documents are define as Web mining. Web is one among powerful verbal exchange tool, and additionally a large repository containing variety of information. Web mining is likewise using to provide powerful searching, retrieving of relevant statistics from web. Mining with recognize to web information is called internet mining. Types of net mining:

  • Web content mining
  • Web-structure mining
  • Web usage mining
  • Web-service discovery

Track 10: Computational data mining

Data mining combines records, synthetic intelligence and machine mastering to locate styles, relationships and anomalies in large records units. From this understanding, a business can discover present day behavior and are expecting future developments. The expertise won via records mining may be used in nearly unlimited approaches — restricted most effective by using the supply of information and the creativeness of a business enterprise to use it. A few ways records mining is used nowadays include enhancing advertising, predicting shopping for traits, detecting fraud, filtering emails, coping with danger, increasing income and enhancing client members of the family. Data mining can be used to describe contemporary patterns and relationships in statistics, are expecting future developments or discover anomalies or outlier information.

Track 11: Fraud detection 

Fraud detection is a procedure that detects and stops fraudsters from acquiring cash or property through fake method. It is a fixed of sports undertaken to stumble on and block the attempt of fraudsters from acquiring cash or belongings fraudulently. Fraud detection is customary across banking, insurance, scientific, government, and public sectors, in addition to in law enforcement organizations. Fraudulent sports encompass money laundering, cyberattacks, fraudulent banking claims, solid bank checks, identification theft, and many such illegal practices. As a end result, companies put in force current fraud detection and prevention technology and danger control techniques to fight developing fraudulent transactions throughout various systems.

Track 12: Naive Bayes

Naive Bayes is an easy mastering algorithm that makes use of Bayes rule together with a sturdy assumption that the attributes are conditionally impartial, given the magnificence. While this independence assumption is regularly violated in practice, naïve Bayes although often promises aggressive classification accuracy. Coupled with its computational efficiency and many different applicable features, these results in naïve Bayes being broadly applied in exercise. Naïve Bayes algorithm is a supervised learning set of rules, that's based on Bayes theorem and used for fixing type problems. It is specially utilized in text classification that includes an excessive-dimensional education dataset.

Track 13: Website Evaluation 

The internet has made it feasible for each person to publish web pages. Most web sites have now not passed through an evaluation system for inclusion in a group, while the sources inside the Library’s subscription databases have. For these reasons, you need to carefully evaluate any Internet sources you discover to make sure they comprise balanced, factual records. Reliable net sources can also encompass peer reviewed journal articles, authorities reports, conference papers, enterprise and professional standards, clinical papers, information reviews, and brief facts and figures. However, understand that just because a website is properly presented does not suggest that it contains correct information. Here are some criteria you can look for in Internet resources to determine whether or not they are reliable assets of statistics.

Track 14: Data Mining Techniques 

In order to locate patterns and institutions that may be used to solve commercial enterprise issues through statistics analysis, substantial information sets are looked after the use of a procedure referred to as facts mining. Enterprises can foresee destiny tendencies and make higher commercial enterprise selections by using records mining techniques and technology. The duties of information mining are twofold: create predictive power—the usage of capabilities to are expecting unknown or future values of the identical or different characteristic—and create a descriptive power—find exciting, human-interpretable styles that describe the information. In this post, we’ll cover 4 data mining strategies:

  • Regression (predictive)
  • Association Rule Discovery (descriptive)
  • Classification (predictive)
  • Clustering (descriptive)

Track 15: Regression Analysis 

Regression is the maximum truthful, easy, version of what we call “predictive energy.” When we use a regression evaluation we want to predict the value of a given (continuous) feature based on the values of other features within the facts, assuming a linear or nonlinear model of dependency. Regression strategies are very useful in records technology, and the time period “logistic regression” will appear nearly in every component of the sector. This is in particular the case due to the usefulness and power of neural networks that use a regression-primarily based technique to create complicated capabilities that imitate the functionality of our mind.

Market Analysis

Data Mining Market is impacting the "Data Mining & Analysis", National Security and Law Enforcement: International Market 2017-2022" report scales that this contemporary industry's livelihoods will create at a 2015-2022 CAGR of 17.5%, drawing nearer to $eleven Billion by means of 2022. The usage of massive statistics and information research by means of Homeland Security, Defence, Public Safety affiliations and mindfulness workplaces is on the ascent, normally considering the manner that the world is getting logically mechanized and associated. This is making new chances, for facts attain and restriction, yet furthermore for know-how planning, abuse, dissipating, and evaluation. Large information and records examination advances can extend the adroit capacities of statistics dating in various applicable factors, inclusive of: struggle on offense and worry, obstruction from computerized assaults, open prosperity exam, and failure and mass episode the chiefs, and improvement of farsighted limits. All fields of Intelligence turnover with the aid of significant facts development consisting of Osint Market, Sigint Market, Cyber boundary works out, and cash associated assessments.

This evaluates on Data Mining & Analysis organizes the marketplace into 2 giant lessons: Data Discovery and Conception (DDV) and Advanced Analytics (AA). The BDA show off addressed $eight.5 billion of every 2017, and is needed to develop at a Compound Yearly Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.7% to $forty.6 billion by using 2023.

For instance, Rendering to a marketplace study, the overall massive statistics in restorative conveniences show off turned into esteemed at $16.87 billion of every 2017 and is relied on upon to accomplish $67.Eighty two billion through 2025, enrolling a CAGR of nineteen.1% all through the assessment time span. Another report indicates that the overall research promote was esteemed USD 438 million out of 2017 and is depended upon to extend round USD 1,202 million by way of 2024, at a CAGR commonly 13.70% from 2018 to 2024. To show off every other version, according to one greater document by means of Allied Market Research, the worldwide cash associated investigation publicize become appeared at $5,244 million out of 2016 and is expected to reach $10,383 million by means of 2023, developing at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2017 to 2023

According to the record, substantial motive force in Europe Big records marketplace is ascent of rotated figuring and internet of factors (IoT). Most essential physical games for exceptional facts use and improvement are cloud trade (66%), IoT (32%) and huge data/emotional arrangements (27%). The appropriated figuring level offers versatility and the IoT structures the muse for interest in vast records and mental enrolling, which is maybe going to force the gigantic Data publicize improvement dramatically.

Participation / presentation option

Oral Presentation: Oral indicates can also embody studies, theoretical, expert or non-public workout topics in a concise manner. People with non-public revel in are also advocated to post non-public research or memories that assist others in each day existence.

Speakers with a 30-minute slot should plan to speak for 20-25 mins, and keynote audio device ought to plan to talk for 40-45 mins, with the final time to be used for questions and dialogue with the aid of the chair of the meeting Session.

Workshop: For workshop presenters as well, the lecture situation rely may be similar to an oral presentation with greater specialised techniques and precise demonstration. The trendy length of a workshop presentation is set forty five-50 minutes. Interested members can be a part of their respective crew and present the workshop with their studies coordinators with precise company waivers upon registration.

Poster Presentation: The Student Poster Competition may be held at some point of the Bionics_2022 conference to inspire students and modern graduates to offer their unique studies. Presenters may have about 5-7 minutes to offer the poster, which includes questions and answers. Judges may additionally ask questions even as judging the presentation. This is an opportunity for younger scientists to find out about recent discoveries from their friends as a way to increase their ability as multidisciplinary researchers. Poster shows will be in 1x1M lengthy paper size.

For more information on poster presentation and judging requirements, see the poster presentation pointers.

Webinar: The webinar presentation is designed for interested attendees who can't attend in character because of scheduling conflicts or exceptional responsibilities. In this option, the presenter can file the presentation and their presentation may be proven in the webinar presentation session.

E-Poster: E-Poster is also much like the webinar presentation. At this session, their presentation could be posted as a poster at the conference website and the presenter's precis may be posted inside the conference souvenir and inside the magazine with DOI.

Exhibit: Data Mining-2022 may additionally showcase the products and offerings of business and non-commercial enterprise groups consisting of synthetic intelligence, digital capabilities, platform-based totally software and services, change commissioners, and system manufacturers.

To observe extra about exhibitor income space information and blessings, visit WHY EXHIBIT WITH US?

Send your inquiries to stepinlilco@globalannualmeet.Com

Advertisement: The conference software is a precious beneficial useful resource that each one attendee consults with again and again as they navigate the conference. Advertising inside the convention software is a fantastic manner to market and can assist relaxed lengthy-term organisation.

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Abstract Submission Guidelines

How to submit an abstract/article?

Abstract submissions are welcoming you all to put up abstracts on Data Mining-2022 Please see underneath for submission pointers.

Full abstracts frequent for registered attendees could be published inside the open-get entry to convention guide magazine and conference memorabilia.

Submit your abstracts through the web ABSTRACT SUBMISSION hyperlink

Abstracts need to be submitted in English and ought to be among 250 and 300 terms, alongside a 60-70 word presenter biography.

Submissions are welcome on all topics associated with Data Mining and Analysis.

The supplying author have to provide the subsequent statistics: Presenters complete call, affiliation data: branch, group/sanatorium, U. S. A., smartphone range, e mail deal with, and photograph

For co-authors, the following info is required: complete names and affiliation info inclusive of the name of the branch, institute/enterprise organization, and United States of America must be included

All abstracts might be reviewed by means of a evaluate board permitted by way of the Data Mining and Analysis conference assessment board. The Committee's choice is very last.

All regular summary presenters can be required to sign in and book a slot to wait the convention.

Please study that your association and summary pick out in the very last software program and in the magazine will appear precisely as you publish them. Please, therefore, study the guidelines provided as to the specified layout and the letter of reputation does not suggest any adventure subsidy or scholarship.

Next steps

An e mail confirmation could be dispatched to you after the hit reputation of the summary through organizing committee participants. If the abstract is regular, presenters have to verify the presenter(s) and e-book a slot to verify their presence at the convention. Failure to achieve this could additionally result in your paper being excluded from the Marine Engineering convention utility

How to complete registration?

To whole registration, go to the ONLINE REGISTRATION PAGE wherein the subsequent registration classes are available

Entrants from academia/academic backgrounds need to check in their get right of entry to underneath the educational elegance

Registration options to be had on this category Poster presentation consists of your registration and a couple of night time’s lodging Package B (includes your registration and 3 night time time’s lodging Online seminar

The businessman has to join up his participation in the Business class

Registration alternatives available on this magnificence Package A (consists of your registration and 2 night time’s lodging) includes your registration and three night’s lodging Advertising who're despite the fact that pursuing their studies will register their participation in the scholar class.

Registration options to be had on this class Poster presentation encompass registration and a couple of night time’s lodging).

Apart from any class noted above, please e-mail stepinlilco@globalannualmeet.Com or WhatsApp +44 7360538394 for GROUP REGISTRATION, EXTRA NIGHT ACCOMMODATION, ADVANCE PAYMENT OF TOKEN, MORE THAN ONE PRESENTATION, and many others. These options are to be had upon special request and dialogue with management.

VISA requirements

The Data Mining & Analysis Organizing Committee hereby reiterates that we're NOT involved in VISA processing. We will let you thru supplying helping documents consisting of an invitation letter, summary reputation letter, and registration fee receipt.

You may moreover need to post extra documents collectively with those files to the embassy.

Invitation Letter: The first rate invitation letter is evidence that your submitted paper and registration request are popular by way of the convention board. It could be indicated in English and assist you to together along with your visa application.

* Only registered participants will get preserve of a reliable invitation letter

* Participants have to finish registration and placed up authenticated statistics to accumulate an respectable invitation letter [i.e. Passport (scanned copy), date of birth, mobile phone number, physical address, and a photograph].

*Contact this system supervisor for extra statistics


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date November 23-24, 2022

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All accepted abstracts will be published in respective Conference Series International Journals.

Abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by

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